Bash script domain expiration check tool Slovenian version

Duplicate of my original post:

This script checks if domain has expired and also supports e-mail notice. 

Original script is from Matt (domain-check). I modifed already modified script from Vivek (

List of changes:

– Added support for Slovenian (.si) domains.

– Added VAR for “mail from:”.
– Increased time between whois queries to 7 seconds (Slovenian whois only allows 10 queries per minute).
– Mail subject and mail data are translated to Slovene language.
– Changed default VAR path for mail (/bin/mail/ to /usr/bin/mail)

Get the script:

wget;mv domain-check;chmod +x



Usage: ./ [ -e email ] [ -x expir_days ] [ -q ] [ -a ] [ -h ] {[ -d domain_namee ]} || { -f domainfile}

  -a                                   : Send a warning message through email
  -d domain                            : Domain to analyze (interactive mode)
  -e email address                     : Email address to send expiration notices
  -f domain file                       : File with a list of domains
  -h                                   : Print this screen
  -s whois server                      : Whois sever to query for information
  -q                                   : Don't print anything on the console
  -x days                              : Domain expiration interval (eg. if domain_date < days)

Check single domain:

./ -d

Check single domain and send e-mail notice if domain will expire in less than defined in WARNDAYS:

./ -a -d

You can also check multiple domains. Create a file domains.txt and add your domains like:

Check multiple domains:

./ -f domains.txt

Check multiple domains and send e-mail notice if any domain will expire in less than defined in WARNDAYS:

./ -a -f domains.txt

Set your own parameters from command line. Next command will check domains in domains.txt with expiration date less than 60 days and send e-mail notice to

./ -a -f domains.txt -e -x 60 

If you are going to use this script with cron, use -q option or change QUIET=”FALSE” to QUIET=”TRUE”

Let’s say we want to run this script every day at 4 AM. Open crontab with crontab -e (Ubuntu) and add the following line:

0 4 * * * /path/to/your/script/ -q -a -f /path/to/your/list/domains.txt

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