V380 chinese cheap cameras RTSP stream

To connect via RTSP:




If you are filtering outgoing connections, allow this outgoing ports to camera:

554 TCP

6970-6990 UDP

You can test RTSP stream with VLC media player.

Possible bug: When you connect to the camera with your phone, disconnect from it and then try to open rtsp stream in VLC media player, it will only load the first frame and stuck there. You need to reboot the camera, connect to rtsp with VLC media player without accessing it via mobile device.

Extra note: It’s advisable to block outgoing traffic from camera into internet. My camera is connecting to some IP with weird ports.

Quick whois showed me this IP belongs to alibaba.com. I did not sniff the traffic, so I’m not sure if the nature of it is spyware. It’s probably their cloud service or some other service.

For the extra paranoid, physically disconnect the microphone on the camera:

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  1. I am using CCTV camera based on v380 and using windows app downloaded from http://www.av380.cn
    This app is working fine and I can login on my laptop when it use my home internet but when i use same login details on my office’s PC then it shows network connection error because we have firewall in our office.
    So which port should be opened in our office to proper use of v380 windows based app.

    My 2nd issue is that when we give nick name to any camera in v380 app with a account and we use same account details with another device then we can find connected camera but nick name not.
    May be this app is storing nick name locally in device.

    Please help that v380 pc app could work after open ports and nick name should remain same with same login details in another device.

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