Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) – Access point exporter

This bash script will utilize a program called expect to retrieve information about access points connected to WLC. Tested on WLC 5500 series. Current version of the script retrieves the following AP data:

– Access point name
– IP address
– Serial number

Data is written into a file in a table form, ready to be exported to Excel for example. It can be easily modified to meet your needs.


# Install expect first
# Ubuntu: apt install expect
# CentOS: yum install expect

# Check if expect is present on the system
 hash expect > /dev/null 2>&1
   if [[ $return_code != 0 ]]
       printf "\nExpect is not present on this system\n"

# Get IP, username, password data
 echo -n "Enter IP/hostname of WLC controller: "
 read hostname
 echo -ne '\n'
 echo -n "Enter username: "
 read username
 echo -ne '\n'
 echo -n "Enter SSH password: "
 read -s -e password
 echo -ne '\n'

# Start expect script
 /usr/bin/expect <<EOF

# Set variables, provided from entered data above
 set hostname [lindex $argv 0]
 set username [lindex $argv 1]
 set password [lindex $argv 2]

# Set log output
 log_file -a ./results-AireOS.log

# Announce which device we are working on and at what time
 send_user "\n"
 send_user ">>>>>  Working on $hostname @ [exec date] <<<<<\n"
 send_user "\n"

# Don't log to console, set to 1 for debugging
 log_user 0

# Don't check keys
 spawn ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no $username\@$hostname

# Allow this script to handle SSH connection issues
 expect {
  timeout { send_user "\nTimeout Exceeded - Check Host\n"; exit 1 }
  eof { send_user "\nSSH Connection To $hostname Failed\n"; exit 1 }
  "User: " { send "$username\n" }

# Provide password
 send_user "Establishing connection ...\n"
 expect "Password:"
 send "$password\n"
 send_user "\nConnected, fetching data, please be patient.\n"

# Enter your commands here (for AireOS):
 expect "*>"
 send "config paging disable\n"
 expect "*>"
 send "show access-point-config\n"

# Even with paging disabled, WLC will still prompt us to press any key to continue
# so me create a loop with exp_continue function to press enter (new line)
# on prompt "Press Enter to continue or <ctrl-z> to abort"

 expect {
         "Press Enter to continue or <ctrl-z> to abort" { send "\n"; exp_continue }
         "(Cisco Controller) >" { send "logout\n" }

 expect {
         "Would you like to save them now? (y/N)" { send "N\n" }
 send_user "\n"
 exit 0

# Format output from expect script
 output="$(cat ./results-AireOS.log | grep 'AP Name\|AP Serial\|IP Address' | grep -v 'Configuration\|NAT\|Switch\|Fallback' | \
 cut -d '.' -f2- | awk '{ print $2 }'| tr -d '\r' | paste -d ":" - - - | sort -u | sed "1i AP:IP:SERIAL" | column -s: -t)"

# Write final file
 printf "$output" > ./results-AireOS.log
 printf "Finished, results are ready in the log file.\n\n"

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